19 December 2011

Euratlas-Info 37

1 - Euratlas Periodis Expert Mac OSX

Several details have delayed the development of this program but Euratlas Periodis Expert for Mac OSX is now ready in English, French or German. You can download the demo version from the purchase page and test it on your computer. This software runs on all Intel Mac machines with OSX version 10.5 or 10.6 but was not tested on OSX 10.7. Thus, you will have to test the demo version first. In any case, it is imperative to try the demo version before making the final purchase.

To mark the launch of this program, we offer a discount of 10 euros until March 1st 2012. You simply need to enter:

in Your Coupon Code field of the order page.

2 - Periodis Expert 1.1 German & French

Finally, we can also present the versions 1.1 of Euratlas Periodis Expert in French and German. Some minor bugs under Windows 7 have been corrected and the areas of the territories are henceforth available. Test now Periodis Expert 1.1 and receive a special 10 euros discount until March 1st, 2012. Simply enter:


in Your Coupon Code field of the order page.

Current holders of Euratlas Periodis Expert v.1, English, French or German, are entitled to download the version 1.1 for free. Send us a message with the date of your purchase and you will get a new download link.

3 - Printed Euratlas Historical Maps

Four Euratlas historical maps are now available as printed paper maps with a size of 59 cm x 84 cm (23 x 33 inches): Europe 1300 in English and French and Europe 300 in Latin-English and Latin-French. It is always difficult to show an overall view and, at the same time, all known details. Therefore, for clarity, the 2nd level administrative divisions on map 1300 are only marked but not named and the semi-independent entities are coloured like the dominant entities but with a lighter shade. On map 300, the provinces and cities are named in Latin with an English or French translation in a cartouche. You can have a look at a PDF sample of each map and if you choose to purchase one, you will receive it folded, like a road-map, in a C5 envelope. Until March 1st, 2012 you can even benefit of 4 euros discount for Europe 1300, English version. Simply copy this code:

in the required field of the purchase page.

4 - Pictures of Sweden

Photos of Sweden have been added to the Euratlas Countries of Europe section. So, you will see some nice pictures of runestones and Scandinavian landscapes, especially from Gotland and Öland.
Don't miss the famous Snake-Witch and a painting by Gustaf Hellqvist illustrating the capture of Visby by Valdemar IV of Denmark in 1361.

Pictures of Sweden

5 - GeaCron Historical Atlas

Geacron is a new online historical world atlas, available in English and 6 other languages. Among the highlights of this website, we must mention:

  • a coverage of the whole world,

  • a time extension from 3000 BC to 2011,

  • the option of viewing almost every year,

  • the ability to easily compare several years,

  • the ability to customize historical periods,

  • a feature that allows to view the terrain,

  • a powerful zoom function.

This is an impressive and ambitious work which required a lot of effort. Obviously, the presentation of such a quantity of data requires some simplifications. The Holy Roman Empire, for instance, is treated as a unitary state throughout its existence, which could lead to some misinterpretations. Moreover, semi-independent entities are not considered and, among many other cases, Croatia is shown as a Hungarian province in AD 1100, while it was neither sovereign nor part of Hungary.

Anyway, GeaCron is a useful and indispensable tool for an overview of the historical political changes year by year.



We wish you a Merry Christmas

Euratlas - C. Nüssli, December 2011

18 July 2011

Euratlas-Info 36

1 - Euratlas Periodis Frequently Asked Questions
Here are six pages of questions and answers to complete the explanation of Periodis. You will notice that most of the queries are about the concept ofsequential historical atlas and the semi-independent entities category, but there are also a good lot of practical questions.
We hope that this F.A.Q. page will help you in your use of the Periodis maps. Feel free to ask us further questions. We will try to give them an answer in the upcoming months.

2 - Hisatlas 1 - Kratographica
Test and buy the new Hisatlas version by direct download. The price is 29.90 euros but you are entitled to a special discount of 8 euros until October 10, 2011. Simply enter:
in the coupon code field of the order page.
If you have already purchased Hisatlas 0.97, you are entitled to download the new version for free between 10 August and 10 November 2011. Ask for a link by sending us your name and the date of your purchase.

3 - Euratlas Periodis Expert v. 1.1 English
Some minor bugs have been fixed and the area of the countries can be displayed in the new Euratlas Periodis Expert Version 1.1 English. Test it now and receive a special 10 euros discount until September 15, 2011. Simply enter:
in the coupon code field of the order page.
If you have purchased Euratlas Periodis Expert 1 English, you are entitled to download the new version for free between 10 August and 10 November 2011. Ask for a link by sending us your name and the purchase date.
Periodis Expert 1.1 French and German and MAC will be available in September.

4 - Europe 2000 Names 2000 Colors
Here are 2 videos showing the sequence of the Euratlas Periodis historical maps. The first animation, the teacher's one, presents labelled maps with a medieval music soundtrack and lasts 2 minutes 59. The student's animationshows mute maps only, lasts 1 minute 54 and is accompanied by a terrific rocky song in Vaudois dialect, an extinct Franco-Provençal language, remembering the past times, by the Swiss singer and painter Bernard Rinsoz.

5 - Pictures of Syria
Syria is experiencing serious internal tension but we are not in the position to tell where, what, why and how. We can only show some simple images of this beautiful and ancient land: Damascus, Palmyra, Aleppo, Serjilla and several places that were so nice 5 months ago.

6 - Rome's World Book Website
The Map A component of the website associated with the book Rome's World: The Peutinger Map Reconsidered is finally functioning as it should, thanks to extraordinary creativity and patience by Ryan Horne at the Ancient World Mapping Center and Dr Tom Elliott at New York University. The site is readily accessible, free of charge to all, at peutinger.atlantides.org/map-a/. Map A presents the Peutinger Map as a seamless whole - invaluable for inspection, analysis, and sheer wonderment!

14 April 2011

Euratlas-Info 35

Many Euratlas visitors are sending us their comments about the Periodis Historical Atlas of Europe and it appears often their are not aware of the capabilities of Periodis Expert. Here is now a short video explaining how it is possible to create beautiful custom historical maps for display or printing with this software. This Youtube animation is fast with a lively medieval music but, of course, you can stop it at every stage to see which procedures you need to follow.

Hisatlas is a set of historical maps available from several years in theEuratlas Shop. Now, the author has decided to present an online version, with maps in reduced size, of this world historical atlas. Joaquín de Salas Vara de Rey aim is to show with maps the different stages of political organizations. Of course, his project his favouring the self-constituted communities and, by travelling over Hisatlas, you will discover a long trend towards democracy.

Hisatlas 0.97 commercial version is already available and all purchasers will be entitled to download for free, within ca 2 months, the new version Hisatlas 1, on presentation of their invoice number.

Moreover, in the Euratlas Shop, 3 new digital copies of ancient maps are now available:The maps are sold as JPG images and and you can download sample files.

Historical Atlas of the Ancient Orient
The Altorient pages have be reorganized to match with the Euratlas website structure. Thus, it is now easier to navigate within the 30 centuries of this atlas.
Dr Birken's Altorient Atlas, full version, is available in German only, in the Euratlas Shop.

Euratlas - C. Nüssli, April 2011

23 February 2011


The detailed historical map of Europe in 1800 AD is ready now for the Euratlas-Info subscribers.
As usual, the map was drawn with Euratlas Periodis Expert and the series will continue, at each Euratlas-Info issue.

Dr. Richard Talbert, Professor of History and Classics at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, editor of the Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World, unique reference book on ancient geography, is a specialist of the Tabula Peutingeriana. In 2010, he published Rome's World: The Peutinger Map Reconsidered, a work that offers a complete appreciation of the map: its discovery in the XVth century, its passing down, the numerous publication attempts, its probable origin and an interpretation about its conception and about the real aim of the lost original.
Actually Rome's World, refers to the most reliable and comprehensive online version of the Tabula Peutingeriana. The database of the map is hosted by Cambridge University Press and allows to:
  • view all the names with the corresponding detail of the original and their transcription, by segment or by alphabetical list,
  • view all the names and notices in red on the original,
  • view all the illegible features of the original, and a lot of other information too.
It is also possible to display all the features of the original map listed by categories (isolated names, named symbols, islands, mountains, peoples etc.) or by symbol types (twin towers, rectangular buildings, walled cities etc.) These data are accompanied by an exhaustive bibliography and are correlated to those of the Barrington Atlas.
Moreover, the Peutinger Map can be read as a seamless whole in real size with a dedicated Map Viewer at peutinger.atlantides.org/map-a/ (click"here"on line 9) and it is also possible to highlight the chosen features (rivers, mountains, roads etc.), as well as the cross-references to the database.

With the help of Dolia from Bulgaria, Fahri, Yagoob, Azer, Ali, Javid and Ruslan from Azerbaijan, we have been able to add new countries in the Europe Photos section. Thus it is possible now to have an overview of Bulgaria, Azerbaijan and of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Gapminder is an information vizualisation software but above all, it is a Swedish Foundation created by the Rosling family in 2005, and whose aim is to build a fact-based worldview liberated from the fashionable myths and urban legends. Dr Hans Rosling has collected a wide amount of solid data about world health and wealth, among others, and thus, you can watch, for instance, a video showing the evolution of average life expectancy and average income (GDP per capita) in the world for the last 200 years. You'll notice that in 1811, no country in the world had a life expectancy above 41, while today, no country has a life expectancy below 44.
The Gapminder vizualisation software allows to play with these same data and you can even download it on your computer.

We are preparing an online version of Hisatlas.
In the meantime, we wish you a nice Spring.

Euratlas - C. Nüssli, February 2011

28 December 2010

Euratlas-Info 33

On 18 November 2010, at the Social Science History Association Meeting, Marc-Antoine Nüssli presented Euratlas activity to an audience of about thirty researchers in historical geography. The auditors were very interested in our concept. It's worth to notice the discussant raised that the uncertain boundaries should be left blank when attested scientific data are missing, instead of being simply blurred. In fact, the Georeferenced Historical Vector Data allow each user to choose the entities he wants to treat.
You can see here the Euratlas presentation in PDF format and also a moredetailed article on this topic.

We have improved the Physical Atlas of Europe. Now, you will find 127 mountains in the orography pages, 124 rivers in the hydrography pages, 319 towns in the cities pages, 69 states for the countries and 12 special territories. Note that the countries of the European Union are all shown within the borders of this wide supranational entity.
Please, update your bookmarks.

PERIODIS BIG MAPS 1100, 1000 & 600
The detailed historical maps of Europe in 1100 AD, 1000 AD and 600 AD are ready now for the Euratlas-Info subscribers.
As usual, these maps were made with Euratlas Periodis Expert and this series will continue, of course, at each Euratlas-Info issue.

As the Euratlas Historical Vector Data are georeferenced, they can easily be overlaid on Google Earth maps. Here are 2 examples. The first one shows the provinces of the Roman Empire in DCCCLIII AB URBE CONDITA, that is'853 years from the founding of Rome' or 100 AD. The second image shows also the Roman Empire in year 100 but with the present day boundariesdrawn in yellow. At a highest zoom level, one could also add the modern place-names or roads.
Both maps are available in JPG format for Euratlas-Info subscribers only.

ATLAS OF ISLAM 1800-2000
The Atlas der islamischen Welt, by Dr Andreas Birken, is now available as hardcover in English (Brill, 2010). It covers the history of the Islamic world from 1800 until 2000. Through 85 maps, it offers accessible surveys on population, history, politics, religion, and the economy. Colonialism and de-colonization are covered for the whole Islamic world, including post-USSR Central Asia.
This atlas contains also detailed maps about Iraq and the Gulf Wars, Afghanistan, the Arab-Israeli conflict and the issues of water management. Moreover the index lists variants of all place-names.

We wish you joy and happiness for 2011.
Euratlas - C. Nüssli, December 2010

14 October 2010


During the 35th Annual Social Science History Association Meeting, “Power and Politics”, on 18 November 2010 (12:15 PM-02:15 PM), in downtown Chicago, Palmer House Hilton, Marc-Antoine Nüssli, Euratlas software engineer, will participate to the session 'New Directions in Historical GIS (2)'and present 'Euratlas: From Historical Mapping To Historical Geographical Information System.'

Here are now, for Euratlas-Info subscribers only, the detailed historical maps of Europe in 1200 AD and in 1700 AD. These maps were made with Euratlas Periodis Expert and we will continue with this series at each Euratlas-Info issue.
You have to take into account that Euratlas Periodis is capable to display the whole continent and, simultaneously, tiny provinces or towns at higher zoom levels. That is why, when all Europe is shown, several small provinces cannot be labeled. These functions, as well as powerful editing possibilities are only available in the software Periodis Expert.

In 1809 at Niš, after a victory against the insurgents, the Ottoman commander Hursid Pasha erected a tower with the skulls of the defeated in order to frighten the Serbian population. This structure was preserved to remember the courage of the ancestors and can still be seen.
Romuliana Felix was a palatial complex built by Emperor Galerius in about 300 AD. The ruins are at Gamzigrad, near Zaječar, in the Timok river basin. There, on 21 July 2010, excavations have revealed a unique marble statue portraying a dog biting a wild boar.
You will see pictures of Niš, Romuliana Felix wild boar and of many other places in our new Serbia section of Europe Photos.
Several photos have been added as well in the pages of Italy, Hungary andSlovakia.

08 July 2010

Euratlas-Info 31

Euratlas Periodis Web is useful to see the position and evolution of the ancient states but, since it doesn't show the provinces and dependencies, some users have difficulties in exploring the past centuries. That is why we are preparing, for Euratlas-Info members only, detailed historical maps of Europe. These maps, realized with the Periodis Expert 'Customize View' function are offering an in-depth view of European history. For now, only the years 1300, 1400, 1500 and 1600 are available in English and French, but we will present more centuries later.
The big maps are watermarked but, if you use Periodis Expert, you will be able to produce images without imprints.

The Periodis Web default maps are in 'owner mode'. That means that only the sovereign or 'owner' states are shown, vassal or 'holder' states being always included in their official dominant state. Of course, Periodis Expertoffers a 'Show Dependencies' mode but if you need to display the dependent states on the web, you can:
  • click on the quarter of maps: Northwest etc.
  • use the historical gazetteer,
  • display the Euratlas-Info big maps.
Let us recall that the dependent or 'holder' states are surrounded by a dotted line having the same color as the dominant or 'owner' state.

EUROPE PHOTOS Some new pictures have been added in the Europe Photos section. You will discover new photos of Poland, Northern Germany, Swiss Plateau, Swiss Mountains and Northern France.

You will receive our next newsletter at the beginning of the school year. In the meantime, enjoy the sunny summer days.
Euratlas - C. Nüssli, July 2010

23 May 2010

Euratlas-Info 30

Here is now an online a simplified version of our historical atlas and database of Europe: Periodis Expert.
Periodis Web is presented as a gazetteer and, for each century from AD 1 to AD 2000, you can display the position of each sovereign state and of each dependent entity. You will notice that the sovereign states are highlited in red while the dependencies are shown in green. Note that if you want to see a more detailed map, especially the provinces borders or the exact area of the dependencies, you will have to zoom in by clicking on the main map or by choosing Northwest, Northeast etc.. Of course the full functionalities, provinces and cities names, relief, custom maps and search functions are only available in Periodis Expert.

"Actually, I did check the schools library today. Of the 12 historical atlases, none of them had the detail or usefulness of the Euratlas one..." (multiplayerhub.com - 18 Mar 2010, 10:34)

Take advantage of the promotional price!
Until June 1, 2010:Existing customers of the Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe enjoy 15 € more discount on the above prices while customers of Periodis Basic version enjoy 10 € discount.
If you are an existing customer and haven't yet received your coupon code, write us to get it.

See the Lepanto battle site, Sheikh Bedreddin, Siegfried von Feuchtwangen, the walls of Trogir, Liutprand's Basin and much more historical images. Time Pictures is a freely illustrated chronology of Europe and the Mediterranean basin, counting now 144 pictures. If you need more information on a subject, you can use Wikipedia as a basis for starting your research.

We will improve now our physical atlas of Europe. In the meantime, we wish you a nice summer in Europe.
Euratlas - C. Nüssli, May 2010

26 February 2010

Euratlas-Info 29

Finally Periodis Expert is ready.
It is the only program that allows to explore the history of Europe and to create historical custom maps. As you know, Periodis Expert offers 21 vectors maps, one for each centennial year, from AD 1 to AD 2000. All the maps are in vector mode so that you can zoom in up to a scale of 150 meters per pixel. Moreover you can choose to display or to hide any layer that is any physical or political feature. What's more, search functions are provided and the user will be able to find a specific land or place throughout 2000 years, each entity being characterized by its contemporary name and by its usual variant name.

Periodis Expert is available either in English,French or German.

Download now the demo version.

Here is an eight pages comic strip with maps and pictures narrating succinctly the history of Europe from year 1 to year 500. Of course all the maps were created with Periodis Expert and only Euratlas-Info members can download it in full as a PDF document.

Thanks to Periodis Expert, we have also prepared a video showing a brief history of Europe in maps, from year 1 to year 1000, with pictures and concise explanation. The sound track is an adaptation from Telemanns Watermusik made fit for the 21st century by Andreas Birken. The maps, photos and text are by Christos Nüssli and the slide composition by Roland Chabloz.
Nevertheless, you can still view also our previous video 2000 Years History in Europe, made 2 years ago.


Periodis Expert is offered in 3 licenses:Until June 1, 2010, promotional price:
Existing customers of the Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe enjoy 15 € more discount on the above prices while customers of Periodis Basic version enjoy 10 € discount.
If you are an existing customer and haven't yet received your coupon code, write us to get it.

We will prepare now an online version of Periodis Expert with simplified maps.

In the meantime, we wish you a beautiful spring.

Euratlas - C. Nüssli, February 2009